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The Successful Woman in a Male Dominate World

Find 3 hours to join our highly-motivated community of successful professionals (mainly women), who are looking for ways they can achieve at a high level professionally without the personal toll on their health, relationships and general well-being. We’ll share how our clients are creating a fulfilled life, beyond their dreams and desires.

14 March 2017
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
Level 1,
280 Pitt Street


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Free for Women Afternoon tea provided

WARNING: This event deals with life skills training which might bring up some of the emotional baggage that may be holding back your success.

Who is the Event for?

This event is ideal for highly talented people who are currently unmotivated and set to walk away from the corporate world altogether because they are over their busy lifestyles, constantly going to work tired, worn out, depressed, being over-worked, and under- appreciated. You know that person? The one who is constantly shouting: “What about ME?”

If you are someone who is ready to not only voice, how frustrated you are with where they currently are in life and are genuinely ready to do something about it and take your life / career / business to the next level, then How to Easily Achieve at a High Level and Love Your Life is the event for you.

Why You Should Come?

Learn how to reclaim your life from a highly-trained professional, who has actually lived your life, sharing the wisdom she wished she had then. What would your life be like when you:

  • have more time, more energy and wake up each day knowing that you are excited about what the day will bring?
  • know you are making a difference, respected and valued?
  • are able to make faster decisions? Have more discerning insights and always know you are doing the right thing? Are dating the right person? Are taking the right job? Are Hiring the right person?
  • know that you are listening to the right people? Hanging with the right friends?
  • know when it’s right for you to make a bigger leap or make that big change?
  • have the ABILITY to make a HUGE DECISION KNOWING (without doubt) that, THAT decision is the one right for you? without hesitation?

We’re starting in Sydney and will take this training interstate and international in coming months.

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What’s the Agenda?

  • Organised Meet & Greet with other attendees
  • How to Understand that It All Begins with You: Giving You More Energy, Today
  • How to Create Your Wellness Wheel: Achieve a Fun-Filled Balanced Life
  • How to Be Bold, Challenge Yourself and Never Ever Give Up: Let’s Fulfill Your Dreams and Desires, Now
  • How to Have the Courage to Think Differently and Speak Up: It’s Time to Live Your Most Authentic Life
  • Open Q&A: To answer any queries you have

Companies Karen has worked with:

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Yes, Secure My Free Ticket (Seats are Limited)