It is really sad to hear about what went down yesterday in the Burke St Mall and that lives were lost and injured and the subtle injury that ripples in all of us far beyond what happened yesterday????

What went down is a reflection of the state of society world wide . Society is riddled with anger frustration low self esteem anxieties addictions depression low energy mental illness feelings of not being ever good enough,I could keep going on.These arent new conditions however as our population grows the destruction is unfolding in a modern way.

Over 32 years ago when I went through a very difficult stressful time of my life I thought I was the only one feeling the negative feelings sadness anxiety not being worthy ( there wasn’t a label for depression then and I know that’s what I would of experienced)????


There was something in me that questioned there must be more to life than feeling this way?There wasn’t the information around like there is now around mindfulness and the science to back up the importance of looking at discovering your inner world????

I went on a quest to find ways of feeling more uplifted naturally and kept with it .I would secretly apply the techniques I learnt as I thought if they work fabulous ,if they didn’t so be it I had tried and it was worth the effort rather than being stuck how I was feeling????The techniques did work

Through that quest of self discovery and the techniques working and my life changing it led me to share what I had learnt that dramatically improved my experience of filtering the present moment and the difficult external challenges that crop up in a balanced coherent manner. I’m grateful to feel happy balanced and healthy now and I have for many years????

As I’ve worked with 1000’s of people & in the early days I started to realize that every person like I was ,inwardly experiences the anxieties of life in their own personalized way. Some people experience the extreme like what happened yesterday in the Burke st Mall and others in a more mild form that only effects themselves .

I’m grateful to have gained the skills over many years and am able to assist individuals in getting to know their self from within so they can gain inner control learn to uplift their mental emotional and physical awareness and experience happiness in simple moments even when life is tough.

We are taught how to drive a car , become an accountant or marketing guru

However we aren’t taught about how to breathe positively think positively eat well,love ourselves ,we just have to be better and better than the other person and criticize others in this competitive world rather than be compassionate and coherent .Most people experience self loathing rather than self loving and greediness and wanting more and more and never feeling satisfied ,rather than having a vision and being grateful and satisfied with who you are and where you are at already .Technology is also creating a different addiction.

We are at a critical time in society where there is so much education information and opportunity around yet people are more stressed that ever

It’s a time where our schooling system , political system and working system needs to be upgraded and for people to learn the simple skills of feeling happy healthy creative and worthy

We have unconsciously taught our society to be sick

I see myself as a role model of living well and I’m passionate to continue working with society to upgrade our perceptions of reality and eradicate mental illness as the mind is powerful . People haven’t been taught to feel calm ,emotionally uplifted ,and the love for life and be healthy most of the time .As they are generally worried, stressed exhausted and get sick.We have missed the trees for the forest

Negativity breeds and spreads . Our society is a depressed sick society . We see all this sickness as normal however if people learn different skills to process life we would have a very different model of society.

I’m grateful for my own family and my life and that of others I’ve touched in the past present and will in the future ????

The more we collectively work on project clean up feel naturally up (as being normal) Society can improve! we all make a difference by our conversations our emotional responses and how we internalize stuff.

If you don’t weed your garden then the vegetables and flowers get strangled and that’s what’s happening now with society and the mental illness and negative conditions we are experiencing .

We all can make a difference on ground level

May you be blessed to have the will and follow you intuition to source the skills to find your personal happiness and add to making a difference in society and start to create a more positive world

It’s exciting to see the ancient techniques of mindfulness being applied now in mainstream psychology ????????????Its great to see meditation and yoga in schools as when stressed kids come to school they have a chance to feel calm and change their brains and feel more positive and learn better and reduce the bullying in the school yard

Learning to be happy and aware is a practiced state and if you’ve been practicing these skills you will know exactly what I mean and how different your life becomes

May we all work towards a collective society of positive mental health for us to all experience a fulfilling healthy happy life and I know it’s do able (may we
learn from the hideous tragedies quickly )

Love ,blessings and gratefulness


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